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Distinguished Order of Saint Martin (Silver Medallion)

On 7 February 1997 the Quartermaster Corps established the Military Order of  Saint Martin, a suspended medallion similar to the Artillery/Air Defense Order of Saint Barbara.  This award has three grades.  The first presentations of the Order of Saint Martin were made at the Quartermaster Regimental Ball at Fort Lee, VA in June 1997. For award recommendation information go to the Association of Quartermasters website. 

The Saint Martin Story

Saint Martin, whose name comes from Martem Tenens (one who sustains Mars), was born in Hungary during the reign of Emperor Constantine, and spent his early childhood in northern Italy. STMARTIN.jpg (20434 bytes)Drafted into the Roman Army at age 15, he later became a member of the royal cavalry guard. It was while he was campaigning in Gaul, as an 18-year-old tribune, stationed in Amiens, that the famous legend of Saint Martin and the beggar took place.

     One bitterly cold day a beggar, naked and shivering, came near his station. Martin, like all the other soldiers, was in armor, but over his iron plated suit he wore a large military cloak. As none of his companions took notice of the beggar, Martin cut his cloak in two with his sword and gave half of it to the beggar. That night Christ appeared to him in a vision, dressed in the parted cloak, and commended the young soldier for his charity.

     Saint Martin -- the patron saint of the Quartermaster Regiment -- was the most popular saint in France during antiquity and the early Middle Ages. It is said that French kings carried his cloak into battle as a spur to victory. Usually pictured on horseback dividing his cloak with the beggar, the image of Saint Martin as a Soldier-Provider offers a fitting symbol for Logistics Warriors charged with SUPPORTING VICTORY now and for all time.

The Awards Program

The Saint Martin awards program is specifically for Quartermasters, either Active Duty, Reserves, or Civilian. The Patron Saint program consists of three levels, which are described, in order of precedence below.

Ancient Order of Saint Martin (Gold Medallion)

Recognizes those who have rendered conspicuous, long-term service. Recipients have so singularly distinguished themselves as contributors to the Quartermaster Corps that they have few peers. Recipients will be awarded a gold medallion with a ribbon, a certificate, and have their name placed on a plaque in Mifflin Hall. It is awarded annually at the Quartermaster School Regimental Birthday and Founder’s Day Ball.

Distinguished Order of Saint Martin (Silver Medallion)

Recognizes senior field grade officers, Command Sergeants Major and Sergeants Major, and DA Civilians who have made significant contributions to the Quartermaster Corps. Anyone may nominate a possible recipient. Final approval is made by The Quartermaster General in conjunction with the Regimental Command Sergeant Major. It is presented by the nominator, usually at an official Quartermaster function.

Honorable Order of Saint Martin (Bronze Medallion)

The Honorable Order of Saint Martin is open to any Quartermaster who has had a successful company command or served successfully as either a Platoon Sergeant or company First Sergeant. Civilians will be inducted based on the strength of their nomination letter. Anyone may nominate a possible recipient. The award may be approved by the first Quartermaster Colonel Commander in the recipient’s chain of command. It is presented by the nominator, usually at an official Quartermaster function.

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