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Civil War Enlisted Uniforms

Ordnance & Quartermaster

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sgtod.jpg (87463 bytes)
Sergeant of Ordnance
odsgt.jpg (99662 bytes)
Ordnance Sergeant
odcpl.jpg (87741 bytes)
Ordnance Corporal
odpvt.jpg (93205 bytes)
Ordnance Private
inqmsgt.jpg (83211 bytes)
Infantry Quartermaster Sergeant
cavqmsgt.jpg (71508 bytes)
Cavalry Quartermaster Sergeant
faqmsgt.jpg (75430 bytes)
Artillery Quartermaster Sergeant
ltfaqmsgt.jpg (83863 bytes)
Light Artillery Quartermaster Sergeant


cavsgm.jpg (73754 bytes)
Cavalry Sergeant Major
cavsgt.jpg (70876 bytes)
Cavalry Sergeant
cavcpl.jpg (70414 bytes)
Cavalry Corporal
cavmus.jpg (70221 bytes)
Cavalry Musician
cavpvt.jpg (71408 bytes)
Cavalry Private


insgm.jpg (82193 bytes)
Infantry Sergeant Major
insgt.jpg (70347 bytes)
Infantry Sergeant
incpl.jpg (69146 bytes)
Infantry Corporal
inmus.jpg (81554 bytes)
Infantry  Musician
inpvt.jpg (70916 bytes)
Infantry Private


fasgm.jpg (61242 bytes)
Artillery Sergeant Major
fa1sg.jpg (65651 bytes)
Artillery First Sergeant
fasgt.jpg (69530 bytes)
Artillery Sergeant
facpl.jpg (67883 bytes)
Artillery Corporal
famus.jpg (70298 bytes)
Artillery Musician

fapvt.jpg (77674 bytes)
Artillery Private


en1sg.jpg (73606 bytes)
Engineer First Sergeant
ensgt.jpg (73239 bytes)
Engineer Sergeant
encpl.jpg (89555 bytes)
Engineer Corporal
enmus.jpg (84207 bytes)
Engineer  Musician
enpvt.jpg (64464 bytes)
Engineer Private
pioneer.jpg (66425 bytes)

Light Artillery

ltfasgm.jpg (70377 bytes)
Light Artillery Sergeant Major
ltfa1sg.jpg (62255 bytes)
Light Artillery First Sergeant
ltfasgt.jpg (68719 bytes)
Light Artillery Sergeant
ltfacpl.jpg (67439 bytes)
Light Artillery Corporal
ltfamus.jpg (72950 bytes)
Light Artillery Musician
ltfapvt.jpg (64537 bytes)
Light Artillery Private

Miscellaneous Uniforms

coat_mounted.jpg (66847 bytes)
Great Coat, Mounted Men
coat_foot.jpg (68629 bytes)
Great Coat, Foot Men
fatigue.jpg (58883 bytes)
Fatigue Uniform
fatigue_marching_order.jpg (68727 bytes)
Fatigue Uniform, Marching Order
hospital_steward.jpg (71821 bytes)
Hospital Steward
poncho.jpg (70626 bytes)
Rubber Poncho
stable_frock.jpg (56094 bytes)
Stable Frock