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Mortuary Affairs Photos – Korea

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Cpl. William R. Davidson of Philadelphia, Pa., 114th Graves Registration Co., Quartermaster Corps, fills out a Form 52B, giving information regarding a deceased American soldier at the UN Cemetery at Taegu, Korea.  At right are (l-r) marker (cross), unidentified soldier marker (triangular) and small bottle containing Form 1042 which is buried with the soldier, U.S. Army Photograph, 23 January 1951

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Cpl. Marlin R. Shive of York, Pa. (right), blows taps as Chaplain (DAC) John F. Coffey of Detroit, Mich., a Maryknoll Father of Headquarters, 2nd Infantry Division, prays over a grave at the Miryang United Nations Cemetery, Miryang, Korea, U.S. Army Photograph, 11 January 1951

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THREE HUNDRED AND ELEVENTH QM GRAVES REGISTRATION COMPANY ON MANEUVERS:  Reverent care is used in the handling of simulated “remains”.   Preparing to remove “remains” to Division Collecting Point are, left to right: Pvt. Albert Thomas of Tennessee, and Pvt. Robert Stewart. U. S. Army Photograph,   21 Aug. 1951

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Undated photograph – Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery.
Photo by U. S. Army Signal Corps.