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Rigger Badges

rigger.gif (17851 bytes)
Original Rigger Patch
from 1950s  

rigbdg.gif (5086 bytes)
Rigger Badge
authorized in 1986

rigger_desert.jpg (14844 bytes)
Subdued, Desert Uniform

rigger_sub.jpg (19911 bytes)
Subdued, BDU Uniform

afriggerwwii.jpg (25835 bytes)
World War II Army Air Force Parachute Rigger Qualification Badge

marine_rigger.jpg (10898 bytes)
Marine Corps Rigger (Unofficial)

navy_pararigger.jpg (4986 bytes)
Enlisted Rate for 
Aircrew Survival Equipmentman (PR)

Jump Ovals

oval_4thqm.jpg (13230 bytes)
4th Quartermaster Detachment
oval_5thqm.gif (11236 bytes)
5th Quartermaster Detachment

jmpoval.gif (8826 bytes)

11th Parachute Maintenance Company
11th Airborne Division

87th Quartermaster Detachment
oval_109thqm.jpg (11260 bytes)
109th Quartermaster Company
jmpoval1.gif (9925 bytes)
408th Quartermaster Company
11th Airborne Division
oval_549thqm.jpg (11026 bytes)
549th Quartermaster Company
oval_1stcoscom.jpg (12590 bytes)
1st Corps Support Command – Worn by the  600th, 612th, 623rd, and 647th Quartermaster Company
oval_824th.jpg (15663 bytes)
824th Quartermaster Company
oval_qm.jpg (13942 bytes)
Quartermaster Aerial Delivery Units
Generic Oval worn in the past by 600th, 612th, 421st, 431st, 861st Quartermaster Companies & several other small detachments over the years
oval_qmschool.jpg (12116 bytes)
Quartermaster School
(Also worn by the 861st Quartermaster Company)
oval_amc.jpg (11960 bytes)
Air Delivery Branch, New Cumberland Army Depot
oval_101st_sptbn.jpg (12317 bytes)
101st Support Battalion (Airborne) Vietnam
oval_173rd_sptbn.jpg (13731 bytes)
173rd Support Battalion (Airborne) Vietnam
oval_15tthss.jpg (11823 bytes)
Support Company, 15th Supply & Services Battalion  Vietnam


abnpatch.gif (19170 bytes)
Pocket Patch
Worn by various Aerial Delivery units in the 1950, including the 601st & 612th