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Topic: Aerial Delivery/Riggers

World War II Aerial Delivery Photos

From the collection of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum, Fort Lee, Virginia World War II, “Ready to Jump” U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo-Undated Second Army Tennessee Maneuvers 1943, Men packing .30 cal ammunition boxes into canvas wrappers for parachuting from aircraft.  Packing is done at Camp Campbell, KY, 9 June 1943, 101st Airborne Infantry Division, […]

Chief Warrant Officer Four John Ashley Ward

Quartermaster Hall of Fame 1994 CW4 John Ashley Ward was born on 19 September 1910, in Watkinsville, Georgia. He joined the U.S. Army on 19 November 1932 as an Infantry private. He served with the 5th Infantry Division in China from 1935 through 1939. On 1 July 1940, CW4 Ward volunteered to join the original Parachute […]

Tyerus Adams Ashes Scattered Over Fort Benning DZ

From: Static Line, March 1999 Don Lassen, PO Box 87518, College Park, GA  30337-0518 Tyerus Adams, one of the 11 surviving members of the 50 man Original Parachute Test Platoon of 1940, died in the early morning hours of February 26 in Augusta, Georgia with Betty his wife of 52 years by his side. Born […]

Airdrop Equipment Developments

Norman P. Bruneau Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Spring 1991 Airdrop is a proven way to provide logistical support when fighting, outnumbered, against an enemy with significantly shorter supply lines. This realization drives development of new airdrop equipment. This realization also prompted deployment of airdrop equipment to Saudi Arabia in 1990 for just such an eventuality. […]

Airdrop Support to the Army

James S. Emery Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Spring 1991  Airdrop, as Army Systems go, is a relatively new method of delivering people, supplies and equipment into difficult-to-reach or enemy-held areas. Before World War II, the U.S. Army had no airborne/airdrop capability. However, in a few short years beginning in 1940, the Army identified a deficiency […]

The 5TH QM Detachment- Providing Rigger Support to USAREUR

CPT Kenneth L. Stanten & CW2 Martin J. Neises Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – September 1988 The mission of the 21st Support Command is to provide logistical support to the U.S. Army European Theater of Operation. Within the 21st Support Command, the 5th Quartermaster (QM) Detachment is USAREUR’s only asset for providing aerial delivery support. This […]

5,000 Club

CPT Deirdre Cozzens Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Summer 1989 ” I wanted to become airborne…” That’s the answer often given by parachute riggers when asked why they entered the field. Recruiters tell people that becoming a rigger is a guaranteed way to become, and stay, airborne. Having achieved those goals, the 43E is presented another: […]


Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Summer 1990 New Cumberland Army Depot (NCAD), PA, participated in the U.S. Army’s Operation Dragon Tail recently by delivering supplies directly from the wholesale level to awaiting soldiers on the ground at Fort Bragg, NC. “This is the first time an airborne operation was conducted by the depot,” said Chief Warrant […]

‘Hooah’ Logistics

CPT Jordan S. Chroman Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Spring 1997 Two C-130s circle the sparkling Mediterranean Sea in lazy arcs, the Italian sky is cloudless, all seems calm and peaceful in this sleepy part of Sicily…suddenly the aircraft ramps open and a small object plummets toward the deep water. It is a rubber assault boat […]

Rigger School History 1947-1953

Rigger School History 1947-1953 (PDF)