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Topic: Rigger Historical Articles

Quartermaster Support of Airborne Operations

EXCERPTS OF TESTIMONY GIVEN BEFORE AN AD HOC COMMITTEE Quartermaster Review September-October 1950 The following extracts are from a report of the proceedings of a committee which met on March 27th to study the problem of Quartermaster support of Airborne operations. Most of the testimony reprinted below is that of Maj. Gen. James A. Gavin, […]

Flying Quartermasters

By PVT. Tony Ricketti Quartermaster Review September-October 1953 When it comes to handing out plaudits to the Army the Marines generally change the conversation to the Halls of Montezuma or talk about the weather. But if the talk gets around to the day the Army’s paratrooper Quartermasters airmailed then a bridge, the song is a […]

They Wrote the Book

By Lieutenant Gordon C. Bennett Quartermaster Review January-February 1953 “When there is no book, write the book!” Members of the 8081st Army Unit (full designation: Quartermaster Airborne Air Supply & Packaging Company) were faced with this alternative a few weeks after their arrival in Japan in September 1950. Before them lay the Korean airlift and […]

(Video) Aerial Delivery Operations – Korean War 1952

Bundles From The Sky

Dr. Steven Anders Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Autumn/Winter 1994 Historical Background. The idea of dropping people and things safely out of the sky has been around for a long time. As far back as the late 15th century, the Italian genius, Leonardo da Vinci, made drawings of a pyramid-shaped “parachute” and reasoned that: “If a […]

Flying Quartermasters Bundles for Burma Boys

Quartermaster Training Service Journal 24 November 1944 (From the archives of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum, Fort Lee, Virginia) The plane’s nosing over now.  You’re heading down towards the jungle.  As the plane circles lower, your eyes keep searching the unbroken green of the jungle trees and growth for a little white spot, the cleared […]


The Quartermaster Review May-June 1945 A  NEW streamlined container for dropping supplies by parachute has just been perfected by the SOS quartermasters of the India-Burma Theatre.  It’s called “Amsac”-American sack and the most rigid tests have already proved its superiority over all containers previously used.  With the exception of the American-made metal rings used for attaching it to […]

Air Supply on the Salween River Front

The Quartermaster Review March-April 1945 Airdrop operations in the first sustained Chinese offensive against the Japanese in WWII. In the wake of the slow-flying green transport the parachutes billowed out, their bundles swaying pendulum-like from the shroud lines. Four, five, six of them mushroomed whitely against the brilliant blue sky before the plane had passed […]

Aerial Delivery of Supplies

MAJOR RAYMOND C. ALTERMATT, Q.M.C. The Quartermaster Review September-October 1945 The origin of the parachute dates back many years. The first record of its use was described by a passenger of a burning balloon, who made a successful escape by parachute in July 1908. However, the parachute was considered only as an exhibition item for […]