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Topic: Clothing

Wet-Cold Clothing Team

The Quartermaster Review January-February 1946 A few weeks ago, on the “main drag” in Seoul, Korea a soldier clad in an Eisenhower jacket and OD trousers walked up to Lieutenant Richard H. Greene and remarked: “Say, aren ‘t you the guy who talked to my outfit about winter uniforms back at Camp Shanks just before […]

World War II Inductee Clothing Issue

From the collection of the Quartermaster Museum, memorandum indicating clothing issued to new soldiers at Camp Lee, VA in 1943 RECRUIT RECEPTION CENTER 1303d SERVICE UNIT OFFICE OF SUPPLY OFFICER CAMP LEE, VA., IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TO:  ALL NEWLY INDUCTED MEN 1.    In this building you will be issued clothing and equipment, FOR WHICH YOU ARE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE, […]


By Lieut. Harry Kirsner, Q.M.C. The Quartermaster Review July-August 1931 WHEN we speak of ”uniforms,” we immediately think of clothing of similar design made of cloth of like construction and color worn by personnel of military as well as of some civilian and semi-civilian organizations, such as the police departments, fire departments, postal departments and […]

The Manufacturing Branch of the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot

By CAPTAIN WILLIAM R. BUCKLEY, Q. M. C. The Quartermaster Review September-October 1929 THAT the Philadelphia Depot is primarily a manufacturing depot is not generally known to the field, even among Quartermaster Officers. It is quite evident that even though some may realize that it is a manufacturing depot, they have very little conception of the size, variety, or […]

Civil War Enlisted Uniforms

Ordnance & Quartermaster Pictures are thumbnailed for fast loading. Please click the picture to see the enlarged image. To return, press the “BACK” button in your browser) Sergeant of Ordnance Ordnance Sergeant Ordnance Corporal Ordnance Private Infantry Quartermaster Sergeant Cavalry Quartermaster Sergeant Artillery Quartermaster Sergeant Light Artillery Quartermaster Sergeant Cavalry Cavalry Sergeant Major Cavalry Sergeant […]

Changes in the Uniform of the Army 1774-1895

1774-1895 [Captain OSCAR F. LONG, A. Q. M., U.S. A.] (Note:  This is a 38 page booklet published by the U.S. Army Quartermaster’s Department in 1895 that gives an excellent overview of uniform changes since the American Revolution.  The author, Captain Long, was a distinguished Quartermaster who had earned the Medal of Honor as an […]

Evolution of the Uniform

By War Planning and Training Division, O.Q.M.G. The Quartermaster Review – March-April 1928 THE UNIFORM (Hat-Blouse-Breeches-Shoes-Leggins) INTRODUCTION The word “uniform” is derived from the Latin words “unus,” one, and “forma,” form, and includes the different styles of dress adopted by the Military and Naval services to secure the distinction required.  Since the military profession has always […]