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Topic: Subsistence/Cooks

Food Service Program

Lt. Col. Ward B. Cleaves, Q.M.C. The Quartermaster Review July-August 1945 The Office of The Quartermaster General, as staff agency of the Army Service Forces, organized a Food Service Program which went into effect on 31 July, 1943. Since that time tremendous strides have been made in food service. Soldiers today are much better fed. […]

The Army’s Food Program

Robert P. Patterson, Under Secretary of War The Quartermaster Review May-June 1945 As the Army has grown, and as more and more men have gone overseas, the food requirements have grown too. Supply lines are longer, and that means a larger amount of food per soldier must be put into the pipelines. Army purchases of […]

Rations in Review

Colonel James C. Longino, Q.M.C. The Quartermaster Review May-June 1946 Food is the most important element in combat efficiency says the General Chairman of the Conference on Military Subsistence in his opening address, delivered on April 1st at the Army War College. You are faced with a great opportunity during these sessions at which the […]

Feeding Billy Yank: Union Rations between 1861 and 1865

Union Rations between 1861 and 1865 By J. Britt McCarley Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – December 1988 “Who shall have this?” Sergeant John W. Fuller asked in a voice loud enough for all the assembled troops to hear. He stood beside two ordinary army blankets laden with precious contents. One contained forty-five carefully divided mounds of […]

Operational Rations Current and Future March 1963

Operational Rations Current and Future March 1963 Prepared by: Armed Forces Food and Container Institute 1819 W. Pershing Road Chicago 9, Illinois Contents Preface iv Introduction 1 General Feeding 4 Standard B Ration 4 Ration, Small Detachment, 5 Person 6 Meal Combat, Individual 8 Special Feeding 10 Food Packet, In-Flight, Individual 10 Ration, Individual, Trail, […]

Feeding Our Soldiers

By MAJ. Louis C. WILSON Q. M. C. The Quartermaster Review – May-June 1928 Overview of Army Rations from the Revolutionary War to 1928 FROM THE wielding of a club by the primitive cave man to the handling of modern scientific and effective implements of warfare by the profes­sional or emergency defender of a nation, the physical condition of […]


RATIONS Conference Notes Prepared by The Quartermaster School For the Quartermaster General January 1949 THE HISTORY OF RATIONS History has known feeding problems Long before Napoleon uttered his now famous words, “an Army travels on its stomach,” much thought had been given by warring nations to the problem of providing nourishment for their fighting men. […]

Army Operational Rations – Historical Background

Gives an excellent historical overview of Operational Ration development from the Revolutionary War to the end of World War II.  Focuses on World War II development and fielding of the C, D, K, 5 in 1 and 10 in 1 rations. From Chapter 1 of “Special Rations for the Armed Forces, 1946-53”, By Franz A. […]

Fresh Foods for the Army, 1775-1950

by Herbert R. Rifkind The movements of an army are necessarily subordinate to its means of subsistence; or, as Marshal Saxe expresses it, to considerations of the belly.                                                                                      –Winfield Scott The basic importance of wholesome food to armies and navies has been acknowledged by military men from the very beginnings of organized warfare. […]

The Army Food Service Program: Then and Now

Glen C Morris Quartermaster Professional Bulletin-Summer 1992 Ever since the U.S. Army drew its first “line in the sand” at Lexington, MA, in the days of the American Revolution, commanders have been responsible for providing their soldiers with quality subsistence in a variety of environments and tactical situations. From the establishment of the first formal […]