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Topic: Korean War

(Video) Aerial Delivery Operations – Korean War 1952

The Drum 55-Gallon and 5-Gallon as Petroleum Containers for Military Service

17 August 1952 Study conducted by the Office of the Quartermaster, HQ, Eighth U.S. Army Korea (EUSAK) Colonel Hugh Mackintosh Petroleum supply during the Korean War, 1952 I.¬†SUMMARY Based on the results of a field survey, there is a definite need for both the drum 55-gallon and the drum 5-gallon (hereafter referred to as the […]

Petroleum Supply in Korea

By LT. COL. Merwin H. Smith, Q.M.C. Quartermaster Review, November-December 1951 The war in Korea came at a time when Far East Command petroleum stocks were, in general, in good supply except for avgas and jet fuel and packaged stocks of certain grades of lubricating oils and greases, which were adequate to meet the immediate […]