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Major General Robert M. Littlejohn–Chief Quartermaster in the ETO

Major General Robert M. Littlejohn–Chief Quartermaster in the ETO Dr. Steven E. Anders Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Autumn 1993 Logistics-once defined simply as “gitten stuff” –entails what many perceive as the unglamorous side of war. Its successes are often taken for granted, while even the slightest failure is deemed unpardonable. General Brehon B. Somervell, head […]

HTD MacArthur’s Red Ball Express

by Major James B. Deerin, Q.M.C. Quartermaster Review January-February 1946 It wasn’t until MacArthur’s forces reached Luzon and were pushing rapidly down the Central Valley toward Manila that the need arose in the Pacific for long-distance, overland hauling facilities. After the liberation of the City, our forces fanned out into the rugged mountain provinces, hard […]

THE QM SCHOOL-Past and Present

COLONEL LLOYD L. COBB, Q.M.C. The Quartermaster Review May-June 1946 MORE than 32,000 officers, officer cadets, and key enlisted personnel were trained at The Quartermaster School between July 1,1940, and December 3, 1945.  In this four-and-a-half-year period The Quartermaster School transformed the army storekeeper and lawyer into a soldier, who knew how to protect himself […]


QM Prisoner-of-War The Quartermaster Review November-December 1945 One of the most interesting stories told by men returned from Japanese prisoner-of-war camps is that of Lieutenant Joseph Goodman, Q.M.C. Bombed, strafed, and half starved for over three years, Lieutenant Goodman somehow managed to survive the rigors of prison life, from Manila to Manchuria. In spite of […]

Leyte Landing

1st Lt J.T. Holmes* The Quartermaster Review September-October 1945 *This article is based on an interview with 1st Lt. James Cooper. who was in the Quartermaster Office, Base K Headquarters, during the Leyte invasion.  Lt. Cooper handled several jobs following the landings. one of which was the operation of a Class I dump at White […]

The Garrison of Gouvy

The Quartermaster Review March-April 1945 89th Quartermaster Railhead Company in the Battle of the Bulge 1944 On the thinning western flank of the Ardennes Forest, jammed against the Belgium-Luxembourg border, is the village of Gouvy. Gouvy, straddling the Bovigny-Bastogne rail line which was swallowed up by the initial German success in the Battle of the […]


The Quartermaster Review July-August 1945 Quartermaster support of operations in Luzon, Philippines THE VILLA VERDE TRAIL A human pack train of 1,900 Filipinos and Igorotes is today carrying rations and ammunition up the tortuous Villa Verde trail, in the mountains of northern Luzon, to the foxholes of the infantrymen of the 32nd Division. The story […]

Quartermasters on Bataan Performed Heroic Feats

Threshed Rice, Got Salt From Sea Water and Fed an Army Despite Low Supplies BY FRANK HEWLETT The Quartermaster Review May-June 1942 Never in United States military history was the Army Quartermaster Corps called upon for greater feats of endurance and ingenuity than in the Battle of Bataan, which finally was lost mainly through hunger […]


The Story of the Philippine and Bataan Quartermaster Depots By CAPTAIN HAROLD A. ARMOLD, QM-Res. The Quartermaster Review November-December 1946 THE STORY of the Philippine and Bataan Quartermaster Depots is a saga of “too little and too late” – a saga of supply when adequate supplies simply did not exist. But, at the same time, […]

Quartermasters on D-Day

June 6, 1944 QM Units at D-Day Articles D-Day Links Quartermasters hit the beach (Quartermaster Review Sept-Oct 1944) “No one seems ever to think a soldier in QM ever gets to smell any gunpowder, dig any foxholes, get into any fighting, go without food, mail and the like. Our QM outfit hit the beach on […]