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Topic: World War I

Quartermaster Activities in World War I

Extracted From: America’s Munitions 1917-1918 Report of Benedict Crowell, The Assistant Secretary of War, Director of Munitions Government Printing Office, Washington – 1919 SUBSISTENCE CLOTHING AND EQUIPAGE MISCELLANEOUS FUEL, OIL, AND PAINTS BRUSHES ROLLING KITCHENS TOOLS AND TOOL CHESTS HARDWARE FACTORY ENTERPRISES SHOE FITTING MEAT CUTTING PACKING HORSES AND MULES SUBSISTENCE. When the American soldier […]

Quartermaster Supply in the AEF, 1917-1918

By DR. WILLIAM CHAIKIN Quartermaster Review May-June 1950 In the ”Great War,” which we now call World War I. the accomplishments of the Quartermaster Corps overseas were such as to stand as a model of achievement to the generation of officers who led the Corps in the new crisis following Pearl Harbor. Officers assigned as […]


By Lieut. Harry Kirsner, Q.M.C. The Quartermaster Review July-August 1931 WHEN we speak of ”uniforms,” we immediately think of clothing of similar design made of cloth of like construction and color worn by personnel of military as well as of some civilian and semi-civilian organizations, such as the police departments, fire departments, postal departments and […]

The Manufacturing Branch of the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot

By CAPTAIN WILLIAM R. BUCKLEY, Q. M. C. The Quartermaster Review September-October 1929 THAT the Philadelphia Depot is primarily a manufacturing depot is not generally known to the field, even among Quartermaster Officers. It is quite evident that even though some may realize that it is a manufacturing depot, they have very little conception of the size, variety, or […]

Our Soldier Dead

By MAJOR WILLIAM R. WHITE, Q. M. C. The Quartermaster Review May-June 1930 “* * * We have come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that their Nation might live. It is alto­gether fitting and proper that we should do this. But […]

The War Mother Goes “Over There”

By MAJOR Louis C. WILSON Q.M.C. The Quartermaster Review May-June 1930 A MOST tremendous appeal to patriotic fervor, to gratitude, and to sentiment, is now materializing in the pilgrimages provided by our government for the mothers and widows of our countrymen who made the supreme sacrifice in the World War, and whose bodies remain in […]

Water Purification in War

Major Howard McCyost February 1920 Quartermaster Service News Reprinted in the Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – March 1988 Water purification during and after World War I Wholesome drinking water has become recognized as one of the important elements entering into the conduct of warfare. Water is used for such a variety of purposes that it is […]

Supply of Petroleum Products

Extracted from “Quartermaster Support of the Army”, pages 660-662 Erna Risch, 1962 Storage and distribution of petroleum to the American Expeditionary Force in France during World War I , 1917-1918. The storage and distribution of the bulk of Quartermaster Supplies were handled through the depot system established on the Line of Communications, but the handling […]